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Become a member of the VBHSA!

Why membership with the VBHSA?

Members are eligible for year-end trophies, awards and trophies.
To accrue points the following must all be members and the equine recorded with the VBHSA.

  • Current owner or current lessee (if horse/pony is leased)
  • Rider
  • The equine (horse/pony)

A hard copy of the lease must be filed with the VBHSA.

Farm members are farms that wish to meet ownership requirements of animals recorded in the farm name.

Farm membership does not cover individual farm owners, managers, or employees. A member farm has no voting rights.

VBHSA membership dues are accepted through PayPal.  (You do not need to be a member of Paypal to use it.)

There is a $2 service charge for all online payments.

Membership with the VHSA

To accrue VHSA points, owner or lessee and horse must be all members.

  • VHSA Senior Membership $60
  • VHSA Junior Membership $40
  • VHSA Lifetime Membership $400
  • Horse Recording $60

VHSA membership must be paid separately from VBHSA membership and can be paid on the VHSA website.