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The Virginia Beach Horse Show Association

Our mission...

The VBHSA is a volunteer organization consisting of hundreds of members including farms, adult amateurs, profesionals, juniors and people who love horses.

Our purpose... to promote sportsmanship and horsemanship; to conduct horse shows, clinics, forums, and other special events; to assign show dates and certify recognition of shows; to encourage participation in all VBHSA recognized shows and events by all Association members who are in good standing; and to make adequate and fair rules governing competitions and to enforce them for the common benefit.


The VBHSA recognizes approximately 20 Virginia Horse Show Association Associate rated shows each year and tracks points for year-end awards, which are awarded at an annual banquet.


The VBHSA also supports via donation various charitable organizations including local rescue squads.

Interested in showing...

If you are interested in horses and horse-showing, you're invited to attend a show, see how much fun it can be, and get involved. For more information, feel free to contact any of us by email or telephone.

Lining up for the judge

Show Calendar

2022 Show Calendar
will be posted
early Sping 2022

Year-End Awards Banquet

2022 Board

President Amanda Abernathy
Vice President Mederise Carter
Secretary Whitney Brooks
Treasurer Michelle McCabe


Parent Rep Mary Evelyn Bell
Junior Rep Darcy Johnston
Junior Rep Erin Russi

Board Members

Sugi Dewan Lisa Doczi
Kasey Evans Alyssa Frittelli
Sharon Golesh Heather Kimnach
Cassie Pender Penny Raddatz
Jennifer Sabella Kelly Vasta

VBHSA Membership

Join one of the longest standing Horse Show Associations in southeast Virginia. Annual Memberships run from December 1 to November 30.Membership points are tallied toward the annual VBHSA Year-End Banquet. All shows are held in accordance with VBHSA, VHSA, and USEF Rules. And are VHSA Associate rated.

Individual & Farm Membership

Membership Dues

Annual Membership $50
Lifetime Membership $300
Farm Membership $40
Farm Lifetime Membership $150

Horse / Pony Recording

Recording Prices

Lifetime Recording $15
Name Change $5
Change of Owner $15


Why is Coggins mandatory?

It keeps your horse/pony safe and protects other horses & ponies! The Coggins tests for EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia), an infectious and potentially fatal viral disease for which there is no vaccine or treatment.

If a horsefly bites an infected horse and then bite a healthy horse, the disease gets transmitted.

For one horse to infect another they must be close enough to each other for a fly to bite both of them.

Prior to or on day of show, owners entering horses/ponies into a VBHSA show must produce a current hard copy of the official Equine Infectious Anemia Test form (VS Form 10-11) as having been tested within the previous 12 months for EIA with a negative result. The hard copy can periodically be requested by the State Veterinarians Office for proof of Coggins..

The official EIA test form is reviewed and kept on file by the Show Secretary and/or Show Manager to ensure all entered horses have test negative for EIA. It is the owners responsibility to ensure a hard copy of the form on file with the VBHSA is up-to-date.

Show Answer...

VA Code for more info.

Va Administrative Code 2VAC5-70-20. Testing Requirements for Horses Exhibited at Shows, Fairs, or Other Exhibitions, or Coming into Contact with Horses Owned by Others in Virginia.

All horses assembled at a show, fair, race meet, or other such function, or participating in any activity on properties where horses belonging to different owners may come into contact with each other in Virginia, must be accompanied by a report of an official negative test for equine infectious anemia.

The test shall be conducted by an approved laboratory on a sample taken by an accredited veterinarian or a State-Federal Regulatory Veterinarian within 365 days prior to such event or activity.

The person in charge will ensure that a copy of the official negative test results accompanies each horse in the event or activity, and shall make such reports available for inspection by a representative of the State Veterinarian upon request. The person in charge shall exclude any horse which is not accompanied by a negative test report.

Show the Law...

Is there a deadline to report a point discrepancy?

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to rectify their point discrepancies through July 20, 2020 by August 9, 2020, or the points prior to July 20, 2020 will stand as is.

It is also the responsibility of the exhibitor to rectify their point discrepancies by November 15, 2020 or the points after July 20, 2020 and prior to November 8, 2020 will stand as is.

Any inquiries about point discrepancies MUST be submitted using the Point Discrepancy form which will be submitted to the VBHSA secretary. No other forms of communication will be accepted.

Show Answer...

How are year-end points determined?

Total year-end points will only include the exhibitor's top ten horse shows plus the VBHSA Cooler Show.

It does not include the VHSA Associate Equitation Classes.

Year-end awards and/or ribbons will be presented to 1st - 6th place.

Show Answer...

Show Barns

VBHSA shows are held on weekends between April and October.
Our shows are held at our wonderful show barns located in cities of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

Bridlewood Farm
Bridlewood Farm

1924 Sanderson Rd. Chesapeake, VA
Kasey Evans

Crafty Fox Farm
Crafty Fox Farm

1492 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Virginia Beach, VA
Sugi Dewan

East Coast Equestrian Training Center
East Coast Equestrian Training Center

2508 W. Landing Rd, Virginia Beach, VA
Sharon Golesh

Kimnach Equestrian LLC @
Pam Herman Farms
Pam Herman Farms

212 E. Hickory Rd. Chesapeake, VA
Heather Kimnach

Roseoldian Farm
Roseoldian Farm

1161 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA
Amanda Abernathy

Smithview Equestrian
Smithview Equestrian

3756 Indian River Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
Jennifer Sabella

West Neck Creek Equestrian Center
West Neck Creek Equestrian Center

1437 Princess Anne Rd. Virginia Beach, VA
Laurie Lake & Mederise Carter

Annual Events

Cooler Show & Year-End Banquet

The Cooler Show...

The Cooler Show is an annual fund raising event held to support the VBHSA.

Supported by our wonderful sponsors, the Cooler show provides awards, ribbons and prizes to show competitors.

The Annual Banquet...

The VBHSA Annual Banquet is held to reward the competitors during the show year.

Our VBHSA members receive awards, ribbons and prizes for their hard work.

Cooler Show

Cooler High Point Winner

2021 Cooler Show High Point Winner
"Zehn" with Kasey Evans

2021 Cooler Show Ribbons, Awards and Prizes

Annual Banquet

2020 Year-End Awards

2019 Year-End Awards

2021 Year-End Division Placements

Congratulations to all our members!

Click on the link below to jump to the winners of the division.
Divisions are listed in alphabetical order

Hunter Division Placements

Division Order Horse Owner Rider
Amateur Adult Hunter
   1 Rachel M Roseoldian Farm Kaitlin Deucker
   2 Deep Blue Laura Molzon Larua Molzon
   3 Dark Horse Hannah Guymon Hannah Guymon
   4 Timon Z Alyssa Myatt Alyssa Myatt
   5 Play That Song Katherine Hallberg Katherine Hallberg
   6 Semper Fortis Elizabeth Warner Elizabeth Warner
Adult Hunter Pleasure Horse
   1 Quintessential Taylor Saunders Taylor Saunders
   2 Party Decor Lauren Lake Missouri Vaughn
   3 Chocolatine Aline Matz Aline Matz
   4 Zehn Cara Oxenham Cara Oxenham
   5 Horse Owner Rider
   6 Horse Owner Rider
Children's/Junior Hunter
   1 Lucille Alyssa Firtelli Kylie Wall
   2 Sorority Girl Owner Rider
   3 Tracks So Sweet Aubrey Hill Aubrey Hill
   4 Cantuccini Bright Z Kenidee McCormick Kenidee McCormick
   5 Blush Kimnach Equestrian LLC Skylar Pynn
   6 Note Worthy Avery Holland Avery Holland
Green Hunter
   1 A-List Alexis Phaup Mederise Carter
   2 Zehn Cara Oxenham Kasey Evans
   3 Timon Z Alyssa Myatt Kasey Evans
   4 Horse Owner Rider
   5 Play That Song Katherine Hallberg Kasey Evans
Junior Hunter Pleasure Horse
   1 Country Covergirl Taylor Saunders Riley Brown
   2 Win It's Over Roseoldian Farm Rider
   3 Gryffindor London Wendell London Wendell
   4 Constellation Sara Pianin Sara Pianin
   5 Bon Voyage Carleigh Carter Carleigh Carter
Open Hunter
   1 Semper Fortis Elizabeth Warner Kasey Evans
   2 Revere Carley Spengler Jennifer Sabella
   3 Blueprint Emily Curling Emma Cunningham
   4 Constellation Sara Pianin Sara Pianin - Jennifer Sabella
   5 Noteworthy Avery Holland Avery Holland
   6 French Blue Cassie Pender Jennifer Sabella
Pleasure Pony
   1 Smallwood Daisy Roseoldian Farm Bailey Brown
   2 Annie Getcher Gun Roseoldian Farm Mia Cistola
   3 Little Red Dress Kendall Austin Lauryn Armitage
   4 School's Out Roseoldian Farm Lucy Ogle
   5 Boutonniere Roseoldian Farm Katherine Harris
   6 Rhuen's Surprise Party Kimnach Equestrian LLC Katelyn McGlothin
Pony Hunter
   1 Annie Oakley Lily Kauffman Carleigh Carter
   2 Mystic Melody Taylor Dunthorn Carleigh Carter
   3 Loafers Lodge Raven Claire Cunningham Claire Cunningham
   4 Applejacks Carleigh Carter Carleigh Carter
   5 Treasure Chest Laurie Lake Emma Noble
   6 HMF Commander Leaguer Emma Noble Emma Noble

Hunter Division Placements cont.

Division Order Horse Owner Rider
Schooling Hunter
   1 Win It's Over Roseoldian Farm Lorien Limmer
   2 Coco Sugi Dewan Taylor Etheridge
   3 Southern Rock Summersett Farm LLC Maria Ness
   4 Woodland's Black Fox Roseoldian Farm Amy Bluhm
   5 Faircourt's Lighting Thief Allison Carofino Allison Carofino
   6 Applejacks Carleigh Carter Carleigh Carter
Short Stirrup Hunter
   1 Smallwood Daisy Roseoldian Farm Bailey Brown
   2 Mystic Melody Taylor Dunthorn Abigail Brookover
   3 Pennywise Lillian Krecker Lillian Krecker
   4 Farnley Evensong Hunter Butler Kai Lovko
   5 All Stitched Up Mederise Carter Sophia Turon
   6 Woodlands' Black Fox Roseoldian Farm Amy Bluhm
Special Hunter
   1 Watermark Roseoldian Farm Jacqueline Pallister
   2 Meadow Fox Cadbury Nadeen Mustafa Nadeen Mustafa
   3 Rachel M Roseoldian Farm Gwien Darrow
   4 Annie Getcher Gun Roseoldian Farm Mia Cistola
   5 Candy's Benz Maryellen Kroll Sophia Hughs
   6 Country Covergirl Taylor Saunders Riley Brown
Thoroughbred Hunter
   1 Tracks So Sweet Aubrey Hill Aubrey Hill
   2 Cumberland Mederise Carter Emily Thomas
   3 Constellation Sara Pianin Sara Pianin
VBHSA Breeding
   1 Mystic Redemption Hope Costello Holly Veber
   2 NT Legacy's Aiyana Kimberly Graves Carson/Peyton Smith
   3 Mystic Melody Taylor Dunthorn Taylor Dunthorn/Abiail Brookover
   4 Tracks So Sweet Aubrey Hill Aubrey Hill
   4 Sneaky Fox Grace Gallo Grace Gallo
   5 Farnley Evensong Hunter Butler Kai Lovko
   6 Mystic Sunrise Holly Veber Holly Veber
Very Beginner Pleasure
   1 Rhuen's Surprize Party Kimnach Equestrian LLC Olivia Bothel/Shelby Floyd
   2 Brotherly Love Cassie Pender Clara Sanders
   3 Shenandoah Seafoam Cavalier Farm LLC Leah Zayac
   4 Annie Oakley Lilly Kaufmann Makenna Carter
   5 Proxy By Design Rosemarie Horton Rosemarie Horton
   6 Edenbrook Vale Copper Coin Hannah Willilams Hannah Willilams
Working Hunter
   1 Lucille Alyssa Fritelli Alyssa Fritelli
   2 Zehn Cara Oxenham Kasey Evans
   3 A-List Alexis Phaup Alexis Phaup
   4 Debonair Emilie M. Beasley Heather Kimnach
   5 Prim and Proper Madeline Sewell Madeline Sewell
   6 Sorority Girl Erin Russi Heather Kimnach

Equitation Division Placements

Division Order Name
Beginner Equitation
  1 Sofia Turon
  2 Katherine Harris
  3 Abigail Brookover
  4 Sara Ankley
  5 Lillian Krecker
  6 Kai Lovko
Open Equitation On the Flat
  1 Taylor Etheridge
  2 Nadeen Mustafa
  3 Sofia Hughes
  4 Missouri Vaughn
  5 Jacqueline Pallister
  6 Riley Brown
Open Equitation Over Fences
  1 Taylor Etheridge
  2 Jacqueline Pallister
  3 Nadeen Mustafa
  4 Sofia Hughes
  5 Joselina Rivera
  6 Carleigh Carter
VHSA Equitation On the Flat Adult
  1 Laura Molzon
  2 Alyssa Myatt
  3 Elizabeth Warner
  4 Emily Thomas
  5 Katherine Hallberg
  6 Kaitlin Duecker
VHSA Equitation On the Flat Older
  1 Kylie Wall
  2 Taylor Etheridge
  2 Sara Pianin

Equiation Division Placements

Division Order Name
VHSA Equitation on the Flat Younger
  1 Aubrey Hill
  2 Jacqueline Pallister
  3 Carleigh Carter
  4 Kenidee McCormick
  4 Taylor Etheridge
VHSA Assoc. Equitation Over Fences Adult
  1 Laura Molzon
  2 Kaitlin Duecker
  3 Emily Thomas
  4 Alyssa Myatt
  5 Katherine Hallberg
  6 Elizabeth Warner
VHSA Assoc Over Fences Children's
  1 Kylie Wall
  2 Erin Russi
  3 Kenidee McCormick
  4 Madeline Sewell
  5 Aubrey Hill
  6 Avery Holland
Walk Trot Older
  1 Emma Brookover
  2 Juliette Hatzopoulus
  3 Olivia Akire
  4 Clara Sanders
Walk Trot Younger
  1 Leah Zayac
  2 Olivia Botherl
  3 Teagan Ogden
  4 Hannah Williams
  5 Shelby Floyd
  6 Rosemarie Horton